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6 Crime Documentary TV Shows Like Making A Murderer

When Making a Murderer premiered on Netflix it was not a well-known show nor was it highly anticipated. But in the days and weeks following swept the globe and people talking about Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Unfortunately, this type of long-form crime docu-series is a relatively new type of television show so there are not loads of options if you enjoy this type of thing. But here are 6 Crime long form documentary TV shows like Making A Murderer.

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1. OJ: Made in America (2016)

oj made in america, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)

ESPN Films

Number of episodes: 5

A case that has been told many times and from many different angles. The 5-part award-winning documentary by ESPN tells the story of OJ’s arrival at USC university through to his robbery conviction using interviews, new footage and audio recordings.

The documentary also explores the larger narrative unfolding in the Los Angeles area at the time of the trial.

2. The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey

the case of jonbennet ramsey, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)

Number of episodes: 6

The case of JonBenét Ramsey was certainly a strange one from the beginning. The 6-year-old girl is reported as kidnapped to police. A ransom note is left in the house asking for $118,000, but later that day she is found dead in the basement of her own home. On top of that the influential family from Boulder Colorado does not seem interested in helping police with their inquiries.

20 years on, a team of experts in various fields of law enforcement and forensics are put together to reinvestigate the still unsolved crime.

The Staircase (2004)

the staircase, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)


Number of episodes: 8

December 2001, a novelist named Michael Peterson calls police alerting them that his wife had fallen down the stairs while drunk and died. Police find the evidence suspicious and Michael Peterson is arrested for her murder.

Academy Award-winning documentary filmmaker, Jean-Xavier de Lestrade presents the story from the courtroom given unprecedented access into a high-profile murder trial.

$13 for the full season on Amazon.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)

the jinx, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)


Number of episodes: 6

Robert Durst, the son of a New York real estate tycoon, Seymore Durst is the prime suspect in 3 murders. His wife Kathy in 1982, writer Susan Burman in 2000 and Durst’s neighbour Morris Black in 2001.

Durst agrees to sit for interviews with the filmmakers over serval years and answer questions about his life and evidence that the team has found. The HBO docu-series retells the story from the beginning of Durst’s life as a young boy growing up in a very wealthy family, to his crimes later in life and up to as recent as 2015.

The Murder Detectives (2015)

the murder detectives, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)


Number of episodes: 3

A 19-year-old British teen’s 999 emergency call is recorded as he dies. He has been fatally stabbed and the crime has been captured on CCTV. The police must figure out who killed Nicholas Robinson.

The Murder Detectives gives a full access look into how police investigate a murder and how families of the victim and perpetrator attempt to deal with the aftermath.

The Detectives

the detectives, 6 shows like making a murderer (cpr)


Number of episodes: 3

This 3 part British docu-series looks at police who work in the newly formed Manchester Police department that deals with serious sexual crimes. Each episode tells the story of one new crime that the police are investigating with part of a lengthy case where new accusations of historical sexual assault were raised against radio DJ Ray Teret, friend of accused sexual predator Jimmy Saville.

The show also looks at the additional skills police working in the sexual crimes unit must have and how officers emotionally deal with such horrible crimes on a daily basis.


Hope you enjoyed these 6 recommendations for long form TV crime documentary shows like Making A Murderer. Show some love by hitting the heart at the top of the page.