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Seinfeld’s New Documentary Dying Laughing Takes a Candid Look at Stand Up Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld’s new project Dying Laughing is a documentary about stand-up comedy told through interviews with seasoned comedians from around the world.

Dying Laughing explores the craft, creative process and psychology behind stand up comedy asking why painters and musicians are seen as artists while stand-ups have always been seen as entertainers.

Directed by Lloyd Stanton and Paul Toogood and starring Kevin Hart, Jamie Foxx, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Seinfeld himself, the documentary interviews over 20 comedians about their work as social and cultural commentators who can change the way audiences think about important issues while keeping them laughing.

Official website synopsis:

A stand-up comedian is usually the writer, the director and the star performer, and unlike any other art form there is no rehearsal, no practice, no safety net, the stand-up can only work in front of a live audience – with feedback being instantaneous and often brutal. For most people baring their soul and then having an audience boo would be a life-changing trauma, for stand-ups it’s a nightly challenge.

Stand-up is all about the agony or the ecstasy of performance, with a lot of boring life bits in between

The 4045 Film production will be released to cinemas and on demand by Gravitas Ventures on February 24th.

Source: Official Website