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Last Sunday in April for the New Twin Peaks?

A promotional calendar released by showtime to cable companies showed the month of May as the Twin Peaks month. However a “Welcome to Twin Peaks” graphic for the new Twin Peaks TV series can be seen taking over the square for Sunday the 30th of April.

Update: Twin Peaks premiere date confirmed for May 21st.


showtime promotional calendar new twin peaks

photo via – reddit

While nothing has been confirmed at this stage, several pieces of information including Showtimes 2nd quarter projection and Sky Atlantic Italy announcing May 2017 have suggested that the new Twin Peaks would be airing through May of 2017. The April 30th date also nicely coincides with the timeframe of Homeland season 6 wrapping up.

Over the last few days rumours of a screening at Sundance have surfaced after Deadline had reported hearing rumblings stating that a source had confirmed that “conversations are ongoing” between the Twin Peaks team and the film festival. Showtime denied the rumour and the Twin Peaks co-creator Mark Frost came out earlier today with a strongly worded tweet saying it would not be happening.

Source: Welcome to Twin Peaks.