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Something Coming in the 10th Anniversary Year?

Anime Japan 2017 recently announced its line-up and one of the exhibitors that stood out was Clannad.

First airing in the fall season of 2007, Clannad quickly become one of the most popular school/slice of life anime over the original and ‘after story’ series.

The anime is currently coming up on its 10th anniversary towards the end of 2017. The most recent announcement at a 10th-anniversary event was the Code Geass team announcing their new project called Lelouch of the Ressurection. But what will it be for Clannad?

clannad, anime expo 2017

Anime Japan 2017

So far all that is known is that the series will be featured at Anime Japan 2017. It could be anything from a new series project to a remaster or even a pachinko machine.

For those who don’t know, pachinko is a Japanese pinball-like machine. The game often buys the rights to anime franchises and teases an announcement about the series. One such announcement sent Haruhi fans into a tizzy after a Haruhi Hunting website was launched. Many fans though it might be a long awaited season 3 but ended up being a new pachinko machine. So don’t be pachinko’d.

Anime Japan 2017 will run between the 23rd and 25th of March. Stay tuned for updates about the upcoming anime projects.

Update: Clannad had a stall at the Anime Japan selling products. That was it.

via: Otakomu, Anime Japan (Full exhibitors list).