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Kimi no Na wa Continues Success in China, Wins Top Spot at the L.A Film Critics Awards.

Kimi no Na wa otherwise known as Your Name has been steadily climbing the lists for Japans all time highest grossing and most popular animated film. Originally released in Japan in August, the film quickly garnered a lot of excitement from movie-goers around the world. In part due to the previous hits from Kimi no Na wa writer/director Makoto Shinkai (Garden of Words/5cm Per Second) and the huge success in the domestic market picking up $176.6 million in Japan alone making Kimi no Na wa the 2nd highest-grossing anime film in Japanese history behind Spirited Away moving past Howl’s Moving Castle on December 4th.

Kimi no Na wa opened in the U.K, Ireland, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong before being granted a rare release into China this past weekend who generally limit the amount of foreign films screened each year. The film ranked number one in the Chinese box office grossing the equivalent of $41 million U.S, knocking Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them into second place in its second weekend.

Earlier this year the film was entered onto the shortlist for the Academy Awards Best Animated Feature and has been making the award and festival rounds. The film took 1st place earlier today (4th December) at Los Angeles Film Critics Award for Best Animation finishing ahead of Studio Ghibli’s The Red Turtle.

The film plans to open in a total of 85 countries over its cinema run. Upcoming Your Name release dates include Indonesia (7th Dec), Malaysia (8th Dec), Philippians (14 December), France (28 December) Italy (January 2017), South Korea (5 January).

Your Name opened in L.A on December 2nd. FUNimation plans to release an English dub/sub version to the US nationwide sometime in 2017.

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