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 Fresh off the Boat Season 3 Premiere Takes Trip Back to the Motherland

Eddie and the fam are back with Fresh off the Boat season 3 after the second season left us wanting more with Emery getting really mad, Eddie finally having his ‘boys’ and his first girlfriend, Evan discovering he is a lower case ‘g’, Jessica improving Santa Claus and Louis introducing us to the Chinese polite fight.

fresh off the boat season 3 poster


The premiere will see the Huang’s going on holiday after the season 2 finale saw Eddie announce that the family were heading to Taiwan for his uncle Gene’s wedding.

Showrunner Nahnatchka Khan commented that season 3 is a throwback to the fish out of water pilot where the family arrived in Orlando “Now they’re in Taiwan” says Khan “and, even though Jessica and Louis were born there, the boys weren’t — they were born in America and have never been out of the country. It’s that idea of not quite fitting into either place, of being both Asian and American. That’s a really cool thing we’re excited to explore.”

The cast and crew will be shooting in Taiwan for 3 days and will feature landmarks, cuisine and the famous street markets in Taipei.



Fresh off the Boat season 3 is back on ABC October the 11th at 9|8c.

Source: Vulture Exclusive.