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March Comes in Like A Lion – Release, PV, Key Visual, News & Characters Designs


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March Comes In Like A Lion, also known as 3-Gatsu no Lion or Sangatsu no Lion is an upcoming anime adaptation based on a manga created by Umino Chika (Honey & Clover) and currently serialized by Young Animal.



The story follows Rei, a 17 year old Shogi (Japanese Chess) player. Rei is recently independent and lives alone on his professional Shogi wage. Despite his ability to live independently, his is still only a 17 year old boy and struggles emotionally. His relationship with his adoptive family is strained, he has trouble connecting with people his own age and his shogi game is a mess.

With his life in shambles, Rei starts to spend time with a family who lives next door. Despite their modest home and income, they are all happy. Rei is taken aback by this and begins to learn and understand the importance of family and strong inter-personal relationships.



March Comes In Like A Lion, 3 gatsu no lion 2nd key visual


The anime opening and ending theme will be performed by BUMP OF CHICKEN. The song is a newly written number called Fighter. Check out the March Comes In Like A Lion x BUMP OF CHICKEN collaboration video below. Or check out their website BUMP OF CHICKEN.



March Comes In Like A Lion will be directed by Shinbou Akiyuki whose previous works include Bakemonogatari and Hidamari Sketch. The series will be produced by Aniplex and NHK and the project will be animated by Shaft. The release date for the anime has been confirmed as the 8th of October 2016 (updated 3rd September, 2016). March Comes In Like A Lion is available on Crunchyroll now (update 9th October).

Main voice cast and character designs below.


Rei Kiriyama played by Kawanishi Kengo
rei March Comes In Like A Lion


Kawamoto Hinata played by Hanazawa Kana

akari March Comes In Like A Lion


Kawamoto Akari played by Kayano Ai

hinata March Comes In Like A Lion


Kawamoto Momo played by Kuno Misaki

momo March Comes In Like A Lion

Information/Images taken from the March Comes in Like a Lion website. Check it out, official website.