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Yuri on Ice Anime, Key Visual, Character Designs & PV


Last Updated: 22nd Dec, Yuri season 2 coming? 

See: Yuri on Ice season 2 coming? Full soundtrack released.

Get the Yuri on Ice soundtrack.

Yuri on Ice is an upcoming sports anime looking at the ultra-competitive world of figure skating. The story follows Katsuki Yuri as he returns to Japan after a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix competition. With his feeling mixed between continuing and quitting ice skating, he locks himself in his room at his parent’s house. Suddenly and unexpectedly, high-level skaters Viktor Nikiforov and Yuri Plisetsky appear before him after a video of Katsuki Yuri skating to one of Viktor’s routines goes viral. Viktor begins coaching Yuri allowing him to take on the challenge of an unprecedented Grand Prix series.

yuri on ice key visual


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Yuri on Ice main characters include Yuri Katsuki (voiced by Toshiyuki Toyonaga), a 23-year-old with a thin-skinned emotional eater. He is a high-level skater with excellent timing and unusual footwork skills. After losing the Grand Prix, Katsuki returns to Japan unsure whether he will continue ice skating.

yuri on ice yuri character design



Victor Nikiforov (voiced by Suwabe Junichi) a hero in the figure skating world, winning 5 world championships in a row. Victor has that It factor personality that captivates all ages but an unexpected event leads him to take an interest in Yuri Katsuki.

yuri on ice victor



Yuri Plisetsky (voiced by Uchiyama Kouki) a 15-year-old next-gen skater already out performing the senior competition. He is a 3-time junior world champion that supports his family through prize money winnings. Despite his boyish beauty, his skating style is wild earning him the nickname “The Russian Yankee”. Yuri is ambitious and wishes to surpass Victor in his senior debut.

yuri on ice yuri 2 character design


Takeshi Nishigōri (voiced by Fukuyama Jun). Takeshi is a childhood friend of Yuri and his original rink mate.

yuri on ice






Additional competition and characters include Kenjirou Minami from Japan (voiced by Murase Ayumu), Chulanont Phichit from Thailand (voiced by Ono Kensho), Michele Crispino from Italy (voiced by Maeno Tomoaki) Seung-gil Lee (voiced by Nojima Kenji), Kristoff Giacometti from Switzerland (voiced by Yasumoto Hiroki), Guanhong Qi from China (voiced by Honjou Yuutaro), Otabek Altyn from Kazakhstan (voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa) and Jean-Jacques Leroy from Canada (voiced by Miyano Mamoru).

Yuri!!! on Ice is a collaboration between Yamamoto Sayo (Lupin the Third, Michiko & Hatchin) and Mitsurou Kubo (Moteki, 3.3.7). Yamamoto will direct and oversee scripts while Mitsurou will be responsible for character design and storyboards. The series will be animated by MAPPA.



Yuri on Ice will air on the 6th of October. Available now on Crunchyroll.

Check out the Yuri on Ice official website.

Information and Images via the official website + Crunchyroll.