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5 Reasons to Watch Stranger Things (If You Haven’t Already)


Stranger Things, a Netflix original that kind of just came out of nowhere. The show had a relatively quite build up and exploded after the first few viewers finished the show and started to spread the word. If you have not seen Stranger Things yet. Here are 5 reasons you should give it a go.


stranger things title



1. It is Bingeable


stranger-things-bingeable                       Netflix


The mystery/sci-fi/horror starts with a group of friends playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons and 8 hours later you will be wondering where the time went. See Wynona Riders face (above) for your approximate reactions. Netflix has released the first 8 minutes (available at the end of this post) because they know it will have you hook, line and sinker. It is the perfect series to prep your snacks, dim the lights and carve out a space on your couch.


2. It is the Perfect Degree of Nostalgic


stranger things nostalgic                       Netflix


80’s nostalgia is certainly trending right now. But not everyone is going to relate to this. That is why Stranger Things is the perfect degree of nostalgic. It has a very clear setting without the endless references to all the most popular fads of the decade. Stranger Things is comfortingly familiar to certain viewers without neglecting its wider audience.





3. It is Original


stranger-things-original                       Netflix


Stranger Things has managed to show that a classic 80’s style story does not have to come in the form of a remake or reboot. The shows writer/director team, The Duffer Brothers, have citied several 80’s favourites that inspired the show. Including Firestarter, IT, Close Encounters, The Thing and Jaws to name a few.


4. It has a Great Score & Soundtrack



The synth score coupled with some classic tracks will have you enjoying the show that much more. With tracks from Jefferson Airplane, Toto, The Clash and Joy Division as well as the main track by S U R V I V E. An Austin based experimental synth quartet.


5. It is a Really Good Show.


stranger-things-good-show                       Netflix


Stranger Things in a very short synopsis is about a young boy that goes missing under some very mysterious circumstances.  The main actors have a great dynamic al la Goonies/Stand By Me and the cinematography is just so fitting. But don’t just take my word for it. Stranger Things has shot up to number #17 on IMDb’s “Top Rated TV” list and has a 93% certified fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.




Head over to Netflix and check it out for yourself.