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5 Upcoming TV Shows Set In The 1970s

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With the success of shows tackling stories from the past, upcoming TV shows are starting to take hold of this nostalgic trend. The 70s has more than enough history and debauchery in equal parts to make some very interesting viewing. The 2016/17 schedule will see some extremely exciting prospects and will bring back some of TVs best writers in David Simon (The Wire) and Shawn Ryan (The Shield). As well as featuring some up-and-comers in Michael D. Fuller & Graham Gordy (Rectify).


Upcoming TV Shows


Quarry (2016)

upcoming tv shows set in the 70's, quarry tv show
When a marine returns home from Vietnam in 1972. He is met with disdain from his loved ones and is demonised by his local community. With no support from his family or community. Quarry finds himself drawn into a network of contract killers responsible for crime and corruption around the Mississippi River area.

The show will be written by Michael D. Fuller & Graham Gordy (Rectify) and starring Logan Marshall-Green as Quarry, Jodi Balfour as Joni and Peter Mullan as The Broker.

Quarry is loosely based on a book series of the same name by Max Allan Collins.

All signs point to the show being ready for release sometime in 2016, but Cinemax is being surprisingly quiet about the air dates of the show.

Update June 24th: Quarry has finally been given a release date, September 9th. (Deadline).


upcoming tv shows trailer



The Get Down (2016)


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A rag tag group of teens from the South Bronx living in violent and impoverished conditions run wild in 1970s New York. Their passion for freestyle rap, dance, music and graffiti art contrasted with the hardships of growing up in a bankrupt New York shape the beginnings of the Hip Hop, Disco and Punk subcultures.

The upcoming Netflix Original will be written by  Shawn Ryan (The Shield) and Australian Baz Luhrmann (Strictly Ballroom). Luhrmann will also be directing a number of the episodes. Both Ryan and Luhrmann have an undeniable pedigree. Especially Ryan who created The Shield. Which along with The Sopranos and The Wire was really part of that exclusive club to skyrocket the quality of Television that we currently enjoy. It will be exciting to see how Luhrmann’s musical background will blend with Ryan’s aptitude for writing raw and gritty drama.

The Get Down will star

  •  Skylan Brooks as Ra-Ra,
  • Justice Smith as Ezekiel,
  • Shameik Moore as Shaolin Fantastic,
  • Tremaine Brown Jr. as Boo-Boo, 
  • Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Cadillac, and
  • Mamoudou Athie as Grandmaster Flash.

The show is set to be released on the 12th of August 2016.

upcoming tv shows trailer



The Deuce (2017)
the deuce hbo, the deuce, david simon, grindhouse cinema

42nd Street NY

A look into Manhattan in the 1970s and 80s when pornography was legalised, prostitution run rampant and the drug epidemic was in full swing.

The show will star James Franco as twins Vincent & Frankie Martino and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Eileen “Candy” Merrell.

The Deuce was the nickname given to 42nd street and Broadway in New York’s Times Square that was synonymous with Grindhouse theatres. Grindhouse theatres show exploitative films that aim to profit off niche genres. The subjects of these films generally tend towards dark, disturbing and fetish. But are also well known for showing much-loved B-Movie genres such as spaghetti westerns and slasher films.

The show was picked up by HBO, in what one would imagine was an instant green light with David Simon (The Wire) attached. Simon will be joined by The Wire alum George Pelecanos as co-creator and writing partner.

Principal photography has been completed and The Deuce is now in its post-production stage. The show will be released in 2017. Stay tuned for further release updates.

I’m Dying Up Here (2016)


i'm dying up here, upcoming tv shows set in the 1970's


I’m Dying Up Here focuses on a young stand up trying to rise through the ranks of the L.A comedy scene in the 70’s. It will also look behind the persona on the stage. Into the often fragile psyche of those few, who can navigate the fickle business of comedy.

The show was adapted for television by David Flebotte based on William Knoedelseder’s book ‘I’m Dying Up Here, Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-up comedy’s Golden Era’. It will be Directed by The Wackness writer Jonathan Levine and executive produced by Jim Carey, Michael Aguilar and Christina Wayne.

I’m Dying Up Here is currently filming after being green lit by Showtime. Main cast includes Melissa Leo as Goldie, Ari Graynor as Cassie and Clark Duke as Larry. The show will be released June 4th.



Full cast & crew list. 


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Cocaine Cowboys (In Development)

Cocaine Cowboys follows the story of Jon Roberts. A notorious drug dealer in the 1970s who moves from New York to Miami and starts to take over the nightclubs and eventually gets introduced to a powerful drug cartel.

The original Cocaine Cowboys is documentary by Billy Corben based on a book American Desperado written by journalist Evan Wright and Jon Roberts.


Documentary Trailer



The upcoming TV shows remake is the brainchild of Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer who were set to go with HBO but the series was dropped, re-ordered by TNT and being is reworked by the network.

According to Deadline there is also a movie remake in the works adapted by Peter BergMark Wahlberg and William Monahan (The Departed) as writer.

It is likely that one of these will be made in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.